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Stacy Kohn Schreiber


What We Do

Stacy has over 30 years of experience in helping her clients achieve their goals by providing practical, stage-appropriate, and business oriented legal advice and project management. She manages development, negotiation, acquisition and operations teams while nurturing legal projects through all phases of development and growth. Entrepreneurs benefit from Stacy’s ability to elevate their vision and to appeal to investors.



Stacy has broad experience, which allows her to lead projects of varying nature and size. As a leader, Stacy directed the global acquisition team for a €500 million European airline acquisition. As counsel, she has represented clients who have created an international commodity-trading platform, a licensing and joint venture company with Fortune 100 consumer package goods clients, and a life sciences joint venture with 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Professor Luc Montagnier. As an entrepreneur, Stacy has co-operated an international licensed goods manufacturing company since 2000.

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  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Southern District of NY Federal Court
  • U.S. Supreme Court